Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thai food!

Thai food Thai food Thai food!

Recently I've been craving for Thai food so much I think about it whenever its almost time for a meal! And so much that I dreamt that I was already at Thailand ordering ต้มยำ (tom yam). *drools*

I absolutely love oriental food with the mix of spices and blends of fragrant herbs that creates an irresistible dish which will leave you craving for more!

I used to think that the tomyam I had @Cheras was good. I was such an inexperienced kid, aren't I? Because, I went to Thailand and had ต้มยำ gong, and OMG the soup was such a sin!! The spiciness & sourness & those large prawns swimming in it!! Absolutely delish oooh! Spicy & sour food stimulates my taste buds like no other! Since then, I've found this Thai restaurant over @Pandan indah with really good tom yam gong & steamed fish in cili padi gravy that tops the one @Cheras. Am itching to go there again soon!

There's also this chinese food seafood restaurant that serve mouthwatering steamed assam fish! When served, the fish is placed in a fish-shaped metal tray and heated by a stand with charcoal under it. OK, so the main point is the oh-so-good-and-not-overcooked fish, with its spicy and sour clear-coloured gravy. That's probably the best dish I had there, apart from the herbal chicken. Others are just so-so. If you would ever want to visit there, its opposite the fire station at Pudu (not far from Majestic).

The lack of photos is frustrating, isn't it? Well, everyone started to dig in when food was served, and I didn't want to be left with sticks and bones to eat if I'm only busy taking picture! Can't blame me :P

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anger Danger

Wow, I probably just came across what could be the biggest drama since the semester started. Some of my friends are involved, and are apparently wrongly accused, so serious that it could actually affect their results! But after hearing the entire story, its painfully obvious that the entire thing was caused by technical errors or 'scheduling errors on umisisweb' which is oh-so-common. What snowballed into drama was dissatisfaction, misunderstanding, ignorance and the I-am-right attitude. Instead of resolving the problem among those involved directly, it was brought to the face of the higher-ups, which sometimes make things more complicated than they really are. But, anger is danger! (haha the best i could do to rhyme) Well, its quite surprising at how people change due to anger, how irrational one can become, how blind and stubborn, and in some cases-denial! AND!! at this point of a person's emotionally clouded mind, there are those who would stand by the sidelines to watch, and naughty little people who will be fueling the flames!

I think some do know, that its important to keep a clear mind when you do anything, and even more so when you are in a tight situation. Of course, its hard to be rational when we're angry, but I'm sure that a little effort in dousing the flames clears the smoke and leads us to see clearer, the root of the problem. But of course, And if our friends are in these kind of position, we would naturally want to support their views. But sometimes, don't you think its actually the most crucial time for us to voice our views impartially, so that our friend won't make the wrong judgment?

People think just because that they're angry they can just say and do anything they want, well sure they can, but WE must remember that we can't just take it back afterward and say all shall be the past and is well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New leaf :D

OK so i wasn't so keen on blogging because i always thought its like telling the whole world how dramatic my life is when it wasn't all that. well, not that bad :P Anyway then I realized plenty of my friends blog and it can always be anything-random? interesting stuffs?

Well, sorry to those who always bugged me to blog! probably almost a year since i've last posted anything, and good news :D Ima start again now!

FOOD! i realized people who don't come from KL tend to criticize food here. I'm thinking they're probably just have been eating at the wrong places! But then again, its probably just because I also sometimes think KL food is better than some other town's? The reluctance to add a little more dried shrimp, or the excessive ajinomoto they put into the food makes you go blah... Since I've been staying at KL, I've start to criticize the food I eat-whether its good or bad, but generally I'm not a picky eater though :P Would blog on things I love to eat around here sooN!

Anyway, I'm off to watch The Nanny haha! so til next time ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New haircut

I was annoyed with my bangs poking into my left eyes! They were so irritating i got itchy eyes at least every morning! it was 2 months since i had my hair cut, so i thought, yeah, its time... then i got a name card for the salon (Kimmarie) KhaMun went to get her hair cut@ss2 and was thinking to go there, but on the same day e housemates decided to buy some stuffs @ midvalley. since im already there, might as well get a haircut from the same guy, salon i went 2 months ago. but this time i had a different hairstylist to do my hair. a lady in her late 30s or early 40s... something like that. i told her that i want my hair short. period. so she go snipping snip snip snip (macam fast forward pace! compared to the guy who did my hair b4) even the bear says that the guy b4 did it slowly and kept checking every angle as he cut my hair! this lady go mess my hair up mess har mess har, chop har chop har, halfway through the process i was SO shocked at the amount of hair falling to my laps. i mean, my hair is already short right? how much shorter can it get? i think i got so nervous i closed my eyes and just let her do whatever. while thinking "shit shit shit shit shit shit shit"

so at the end of the process i think i left the store in silence? got to carrefour toilet to brush off the rest of the sisa sisa hair on my neck and as time pass by i get more n more shocked with my pixie cut! AAAAAArgh almost wana tell shiow, kim n yin i dun wana go their place that night. but i had a soothing ice cream cone so i forgot about my hair awhile. when i got back, zha keep laughing at my head... and i skipped friday class. partly because im lazy and partly because im not ready to meet everyone else yet. its been 2 days now. i think it looks pretty good once i let it grow abit lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

They too, love

excerpts of what i've been reading
from They too, Love
a korean comedy manga hehehe

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Viva jdrama!

Recently I've continued reading manga from where i left off, and since now i'm back at home i get to download jdrama n anime again! it sucks to be jobless, makes u feel like ure leeching at home. well, not really since i've got the maid-mode switch turned on. plus, im glad to be home, eating my mom's cooking, rather than the cafe at college- where the food seem to be in an oil wading pool. my meals are healthier now, and on the best side-im losing weight heeheee

My leeching days are ending with this month. Got work to do next month, but til then, i'd better have some fun now! I think i was probably reading Hotaru no Hikari manga when Adila told me there was a live action made out of it. "Buchou wa kawaii!! daisuki ne!" somewhere along the line... haha anyway i just finished the series few hours ago and the story was soooOOO cute!! haha the main actress- Hotaru cracks me up. Buchou's repartee was really cute too! she had genki na~ gestures and bubbly personality! "viva friendship!" or "boil tea on my stomach" or the part where she rolls around the tatami mats or when she sleeps under newspapers. just like what Adila says, everyone has a little himono-ness in them. but its that way when u know that person is most relaxed. its when u can do that then u can call that place a home, right? ;)

now i've finished watching Hotaru, im moving onto Atashinchi no Danshi. Horikita Maki!! <3 wot a cute gal! keeps people questioning why she got the creepy role in NobutaWP, hiding her cute cute facial features. but, it was good anyway x) i've only gone through epi1 and i saw slight similarities between her Chisato in AnD and Mizuki in HanaKimi! tomboyishness.... well we'll see in the coming episodes eh

Trying to start on my photoshop-mastering plan but my eyes get tired staring into the little details im trying to fix on a picture. the tutorials online don't really have a flow line or something - like ure supposed to learn this then u can move on to that or whatever. too bad, nantonaku i'll get it done

yosh, waiting for shin to finish her exams then i can go help her taste whatever she's got baking in her oven. x) and i've got to fix ee-chan's lappy... n thought of visiting some friends in different states, but nobody's enthusiastic enough about it, due to certain circumstances? nothing serious i hope ;) well, have a happy holiday everyone- chillax yah!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Puke puke barf barf

Absolutely the worst week. ever. i woke up on Tuesday, with my room spinning out of control, and i had to crawl on the floor to make sure im actually static. Had my breakfast and they came out the same way they went into my system. Nice way to start a day and until today i feel like barfing after a meal. but the tendency to twist my head out of my body when the world starts spinning had lessen. except when i try to bend down and pick something up or check under my bed. then i go wooooooooo wheeee again.

Then, there was my birthday, which i really had no mood for, except at 12 til 2am like that, when i was really hyper. i even announced i would stay up all day just to bask in the wonderfulness of turning 20. my birthday! once a year! when suddenly i just felt like barfing again and went to sleep to kill the urge, and my birthday can go to hell. my dad kept asking, what u wana eat? what cake u wana get? i couldn't be bothered and said whatever was okay. well... im not a choosy person so whatever was really okay! but u know, having a deformed cake isn't really what i had in mind as "cincai". Can you imagine? i opened the cake box lid, and there it was, half of it smashed to the side of the box. I was stunned, and roaring laughter followed. lol! it looked so funny, gotta put the pic up soon. Then my dad said he got the cake too early, and it kind of melted in the car, then with his driving style all the way home, i don't think the cake would be safe anyway. all the zig zags and sudden brakes, and the i.must.overtake.everyone. wahahaha thing.

well i wana thank all the well wishes from everyone, even those who didn't remember, i shall forgive! because i'm bad at remembering people's birthdays. sorry heehee. Thanks to my lovely friends etc etc for the really really nice bday picnic and mosquito bites =D thanks to all. really. have a nice christmas and new year
here's my thanks list
Chia, Raymond, Linz, Aili, Shin, Karee, Sayee, Weipeng, Yinyin, Sandy, Kahyin, Siewmei, Sarina, Wengseng, Chuansheng, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ and dats ur initials for the rest of you. i may not remember but in sum corner of my heart ur lingering existence, im thanking u all out there. really. believe. =P