Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thai food!

Thai food Thai food Thai food!

Recently I've been craving for Thai food so much I think about it whenever its almost time for a meal! And so much that I dreamt that I was already at Thailand ordering ต้มยำ (tom yam). *drools*

I absolutely love oriental food with the mix of spices and blends of fragrant herbs that creates an irresistible dish which will leave you craving for more!

I used to think that the tomyam I had @Cheras was good. I was such an inexperienced kid, aren't I? Because, I went to Thailand and had ต้มยำ gong, and OMG the soup was such a sin!! The spiciness & sourness & those large prawns swimming in it!! Absolutely delish oooh! Spicy & sour food stimulates my taste buds like no other! Since then, I've found this Thai restaurant over @Pandan indah with really good tom yam gong & steamed fish in cili padi gravy that tops the one @Cheras. Am itching to go there again soon!

There's also this chinese food seafood restaurant that serve mouthwatering steamed assam fish! When served, the fish is placed in a fish-shaped metal tray and heated by a stand with charcoal under it. OK, so the main point is the oh-so-good-and-not-overcooked fish, with its spicy and sour clear-coloured gravy. That's probably the best dish I had there, apart from the herbal chicken. Others are just so-so. If you would ever want to visit there, its opposite the fire station at Pudu (not far from Majestic).

The lack of photos is frustrating, isn't it? Well, everyone started to dig in when food was served, and I didn't want to be left with sticks and bones to eat if I'm only busy taking picture! Can't blame me :P

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